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Coins Through a Table Trick

By: Chris Welsh - Updated: 28 Aug 2012 | comments*Discuss
Coins Through A Table Magic Trick Coin

A classic trick that is perfect for performing after dinner using a number of coin sleights to fool the magician’s dinning companions.

The Effect
The magician either borrows four coins or uses four of his own. He places four coins in one hand and then slaps them down on the table - one of them has vanished and he retrieves it from under the table. He then takes three coins and repeats the move, showing that, again, one of the coins has magically passed through the table. Again and again the magician repeats the move until all four coins are shown to have passed through the solid table.

The Secret
A napkin in the lap and a number of sleight of hand moves are the key to performing the Coins Through a Table trick.

Any four coins will do, as long as they are the same denomination and can be easily handled and vanished by the magician. A cloth napkin in the lap is helpful, which is why this trick is great for after dinner.

The magician should spread the napkin on his lap in such a way as to catch falling coins silently without allowing them to roll out of his lap.

Performing the Trick

If four identical coins can be borrowed the magician is granted a little extra amazement, but this trick works fine with coins the magician produces. The magician, through the course of the dinner leading up to performing, should make sure he is seated close to the edge of the table with the napkin spread in his lap.
  1. Magician shows coins in left handAfter producing or borrowing four coins, the magician is ready to begin. The coins are placed one at a time on the left palm, with the last coin near the edge of the hand (opposite the thumb.) The coins should be counted off, “one, two, three, four.”
  2. 20px break
  3. The left hand is closed to a fist and held near the edge of the table as the right hand points to the left. “Four coins are here…” the magician says, and then raises the right hand up and open, “… and no coins here.” At that moment the bottom most coin should be dropped from the left hand to land quietly on the napkin in the magician’s lap.

  4. The right hand is placed in the magician’s lap (and picks up the coin) as the left hand is brought forward. “Pay attention” says the magician, and then slams the hand down, palm down, on the table. The coin in the right hand should be rapped against the underside of the table a moment after.

  5. Magician shows three coins in his left hand and holds one coin in his right handThe left hand is removed, showing three coins. “Three coins on top of the table.” The right hand is pulled out from under the table and the fourth coin shown. “One coin under the table, having passed through solid wood.”
  6. 20px break
  7. Magician shows all four coins in his left handThe fourth coin is tossed on the table and the other three are picked up with the left hand. “One, two, three” says the magician, tossing the coins into the right hand, making sure than one falls into position for a finger palm.
  8. 20px break
  9. The coin should be palmed as the hand is turned over and the other coins are tossed into the left hand, which quickly makes a fist.

  10. magician holds two coins in his left palm and two coins in between his right thumb and forefingerThe right hand (hiding a coin) picks up the fourth coin from the table and moves under the table. The magician again slams his left hand on the table, then removes to show only two coins and two coins are produced from under the table.
  11. 20px break
  12. All four coins are placed near the edge of the table, two in front of the left hand and two in front of the right. With right hand pick up one coin, counting and place it on top of the second and then pick up both coins.

  13. Magician picking up coinsWith left hand magician picks up a coin, “one” and places it on top of the second, “two”, but as he pulls them up into his hand the second coin falls into the lap.
  14. 20px break
  15. The right hand goes under the table again and retrieves this third coin. Again the left hand slams onto the table and only one coin is revealed, the other three coming out from underneath in the right hand. Toss all coins on the table.

  16. Magician picks up one coin and does finger palm vanish into left hand, “one”, and then picks up the other three coins, “one, two, three.” A final slam shows that the fourth and final coin has travelled through the table and all four coins are produced from under the table.

Magical Tip

Because of the multiple sleights required, this trick should be given a lot of practice before performing.

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