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The Coin Fold Trick

By: Chris Welsh - Updated: 1 Oct 2012 | comments*Discuss
The Coin Fold Magic Trick Coin Trick

A brilliant trick, the coin fold will have the audience scratching their heads as they try and figure out "how he did it."

The Effect
The magician borrows a coin from a member of the audience and then has that member mark it with a pen to identify it later. Taking a small sheet of paper, the magician then folds the paper over the coin four times, creating a tight packet through which the outlines of the coin can be seen. To the astonishment of the audience, the magician then proceeds to tear the packet into fourths and apparently the coin with it. A moment later the coin, with the same identifying marks, is retrieved from a pocket and given to the spectator.

The Secret
The method of the fold is deceptive and leaves an escape route for the coin in question.

A sheet of paper around four by six inches and a large coin. A magic marker for marking the coin is also required.

No advance preparation is needed.

Performing the Trick

Once the fold is understood the magician can do many different effects by slightly changing the trick, but this classic is fantastic as it is.
  1. The magician borrows a coin from the audience or, failing that, produces one of his own. He allows a spectator to make an identifying mark on the coin, such as initials, and then takes the coin from the spectator.

  2. magician holds coin against paperHolding the paper in the left hand, the magician places the coin on top, under the right thumb. The coin should be roughly in the centre of the paper. 20px break
  3. magician folds top of paper down over coinWith the fingers of both hands the magician then folds the top half of the paper over the coin. When folded over, the bottom portion of the paper (unfolded) should still stick out below the coin.20px break
  4. magician folds left side of paper over coinWith the fingers of the left hand the magician folds the left side of the paper away from him and over the coin. There should be a little room between the coin and the left edge of the paper, just a bit of space. 20px break
  5. magician folds right side of paper over coinThe same move is done with the right fingers, folding the right side of the paper away from the magician. At this point the coin is sealed on three sides, leaving the bottom unsealed. 20px break
  6. magician folds bottom of paper over coinThe magician then folds the bottom of the paper, again away from his body, over the coin. 20px break
  7. magician reveals gap in paper fold for coin to exitThe coin now appears to be completely wrapped, but in truth there is an escape at the bottom, as the coin is not sealed in. If done properly, the packet of paper should have a bit of play to either side of the coin, allowing the magician to drop the coin out of the packet and in to the palm of his right hand, finger palming the coin in complete secrecy.20px break
  8. magician tears paperTaking the packet in the left hand, with the coin finger palmed in the right, the magician can now rip up the packet.20px break
  9. magician reveals coin with same mark on itProducing the coin from a pocket, the spectator’s ear, or what have you, the magician shows that it is the same coin by the identifying mark. 20px break

Magical Tip

Once the coin is wrapped, push on it in the packet to create an impression of the coin. Try using flash paper instead of regular paper and then light the packet instead of tearing it for a different kind of effect.

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