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Upside Down Pound Note Trick

By: Chris Welsh - Updated: 29 Aug 2012 | comments*Discuss
Upside Down Bill Trick Magic Trick Bill

Another trick that is simple to do, the Upside Down £5 Note Trick reminds the audience once more that the magician is the keeper of secret and special knowledge.

The Effect
Perhaps in reference to a wager or just for fun, the magician borrows a note from a mate and announces that he is going to demonstrate his mastery over illusion with it. Holding the note out for inspection, the audience confirms it is a normal note and then the magician folds it in half. Again and again the magician folds the note until it is a neat little package. As he begins to unfold the note the magician explains that the magic was done already, when they first inspected the note they thought it was right side up, but - as the last fold is undone - the note is clearly upside down.

The Secret
Knowing the right folds and how to hold the note allow the magician to perform the Upside Down £5 Note Trick.

Any normal folding money will work.

No advance preparation is required.


The Upside Down £5 Note Trick is a perfect trick to perform at a moment’s notice and can be done anywhere and in front of any audience. It is a “light” trick, more fun than mysterious.

  1. magician holds a monetary notemagician folds note lengthwaysHolding the note out with both hands, the magician allows it to be inspected and proven to be a normal note. Folding the note in half lengthways, the magician makes the first fold towards himself. 20px break
  2. The magician can make this as simple or dramatic as he wishes, but should use some patter; “Top over bottom” he could say.

  3. magician folds the note in halfThe second fold bisects the note as the right edge is folded over - again towards the magician - to cover the left. “Right over left.”20px break
  4. magician folds the note in half againThe third fold is a repeat of the second, taking the right edge and folding it over the left. “And right over left again.”20px break
  5. The first “unfold” is a reverse of the third fold - the magician takes the top fold and opens it from left to right - again towards his own body. “We unfold it as we folded it - left to right”

  6. magician begins unfolding the noteThe second unfold is the key to turning the note upside down. Like the first, the motion is from left to right, but the bottom fold is opened, away from the body. “Left to right” 20px break
  7. magician reveals the note is upside downThe final motion is to unfold the note from bottom to top and it will be upside down. “And bottom to top - and as you can see, the note was upside down the entire time - you only thought it was right side up.”20px break

Magical Tip

If the magician wishes to perform this trick with the face of the note towards the audience, he would perform the moves in reverse. The first move would have the top of the note folded down away from the body, etc. The magician should perform this version of the trick in front of a mirror to make sure of what the audience will see. This trick is a great way to offer a light hearted, even silly introduction into an entire money magic routine.

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