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Coin Roll Trick

By: Chris Welsh - Updated: 12 Aug 2013 | comments*Discuss
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Flashing a sliver coin and rolling it across the backs of your knuckles sends a message to your audience - you are about to be very entertaining.

The Effect
A coin roll is a fairly straight forward flourish that can be used as a transition lead in or finish for many coin tricks. The magician places a coin on the top of his fist, laying it on the finger bones below the first joints, closest to the knuckles and proceeds to move the fingers up and down. The coin flips end over end along the hand, then travels under the hand via the thumb to start all over again.

The Secret
Practice and the proper use of the thumb allows for continuous coin roll flourishing.

The larger coins work best, but magicians with smaller hands or exceptionally dexterous fingers may find they prefer smaller coins. Shiny coins pick up the light when working on stage or when you need a larger audience to see what you are doing, while older, weathered coins fit routines that need an air of mystery.

Just plenty of practice and limber fingers!

Performing the Trick

You can eventually train yourself to do coin rolls with both hands, but for now pick the hand that feels the most natural to work with. We will assume that is your right hand for the purpose of this article.
  1. Your hand will likely feel the most comfortable held around chest high when standing. Just bend your elbow and raise your hand up without lifting your upper arm. It is important to be relaxed and there is no point in needlessly wasting energy for this flourish.

  2. Magician places coin between his thumb and forefinger With your left hand place the coin where you can pinch the bottom of it with your right thumb tip against the first joint of your right index finger.
  3. 20px break
  4. Magician pushes the coin up and over his forefinger Push the coin slightly up and it will fall across the back of your index finger. At the same time, slightly raise the first joint of your middle finger, creating a break that will keep the coin from sliding down across your fingers.
  5. 20px break
  6. Magician raises forefinger to continue the coin's rollContinue to raise the middle finger, then bring it down. It should grip the edge of the coin and pull it down between it and the right side of your index finger. The coin will then rise in the air and turn over, now resting on the back of your middle finger.
  7. 20px break
  8. Magician catches the coin in between the fingers Repeat the process of raising the next finger up to both catch the coin, and then down to pull it into a flip, this time falling across the back of your ring finger.
  9. 20px break
  10. With your little finger you again raise to stop the coin, but this time when you lower the finger you open it slightly away from the ring finger. This causes the coin to drop between the fingers instead of flipping over the ring finger and falling to the floor.

  11. Magician catches coin with thumb underneath his hand While you are doing move Six above, move your thumb under your fingers and into place below your little finger. It will be ready to provide a break to catch the coin as it falls between the ring and little fingers.
  12. 20px break
  13. Push up on the coin, trapping it between your thumb and the underside of your fingers. Pull the thumb back into its natural position, exerting enough pressure to keep the coin pressed against the fingers, but allowing it to travel on the thumb.

  14. As you reach passed your index finger, push up with your thumb to cause the coin to slide up and back into position next to your index finger. You can simply keep pushing it and repeat the process, going into a second coin roll.

Magical Tip

In the beginning the thumb motion may be too much to coordinate with the rolling action of the fingers- this is fine. Just let the coin drop into your left hand and place it back at the starting position for another roll. Once you are comfortable with the roll, you can add in the thumb move.

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