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Wood Through Wood Trick

By: Chris Welsh - Updated: 1 Oct 2012 | comments*Discuss
Wood Through Wood Magic Trick Pub Trick

One of the attractions of the magician is his ability to pick up everyday objects and work wonders with them - this is one such trick.

The Effect
The magician picks out two wooden matches from a match box and sets them aside, inviting his spectator to examine them if they wish. Once the spectator is assured that there is nothing unusual about the matches, the magician takes them and holds them with the tip of the first finger and thumb of each hand. Tapping the matches together, the magician demonstrates that they can not pass through each other - until suddenly they are through, linked it one smooth move right before the eyes of the audience.

The Secret
A secret move - along with the temporary grip of the match on the skin - allows the magician to perform Wood Though Wood.

Two matches or failing that, two rounded toothpicks or toothpicks with the sharp bits clipped off.

No advance preparation required.

Performing the Trick

Wood Through Wood is a quick magic “bit” that is a great way to do a little magic for friends at the pub or sitting around the office. Impromptu magic is often not so impromptu, when the magician stocks his person with props and gimmicks, but it seems to be to the audience. Unfortunately the magician may be with the props and gimmicks and still be required to perform on the spot, and that is where tricks like Wood Through Wood come in. Once learned they are not easily forgotten, do not require advance preparation and can be performed at a moment’s notice in front of any audience. The small nature of the trick does favour close up audiences, however.
  1. The magician holds one match between the thumb and first finger of the right hand and a second match in the same manner in the left hand.

  2. magician touches the matches togetherBringing the matches together the magician taps them against one another, showing how they can not penetrate each other. 20px break
  3. Magician holds the matches between thumbs and fingersmagician moves the matches togetherOn a count of “One, two three!” the magician makes the same move, but more dramatically and more quickly and on “three” opens the fingers of the right hand. The match, having been pressed into the flesh of the thumb, will stay sticking out of the thumb for a brief moment. This should allow the magician just enough time to get the match passed the left hand match and into the circle formed by the left hand thumb and first finger. Then the magician resumes his grip on the match and it will look as if the match sticks had turned insubstantial just long enough to penetrate.20px break
  4. The timing of this trick is very important. Open the finger too soon and the spectator will see the gap, ruining the trick. Open the finger too late and the match sticks will strike each other and knock one to the floor.

  5. magician shows the secret moveThe angle of the trick is also very important. When the magician says “three” and goes to make the secret move, he must make the pass with the right stick crossing the left stick at the tip, near the first finger. 20px break

Magical Tip

As simple as this trick is and as quick and easy as it is to perform on the spot, it requires perfect timing, which will only come with tons of practice. Do not attempt to perform this trick unless you have the timing down, including re-gripping the match stick after the secret move.

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