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Jumping Elastic Band Trick

By: Chris Welsh - Updated: 31 Aug 2012 | comments*Discuss
Jumping Elastic Band Magic Trick Elastic

This extremely quick and visual effect happens right in front of the spectator’s eyes and requires only the most simple of sleights to perform.

The Effect
The magician runs an elastic band around his fingers and starts a story about how easy it is to fool the eyes. Placing the elastic band around the first two fingers of his right hand he makes a fist and shows the band to his audience. On the count of three the magician opens his hand, the band jumps magically from surrounding the first two fingers to the last two.

The Secret
The secret to the Jumping Elastic Band is when the magician makes a fist; he wraps the band around all four of his fingers.

A normal elastic band, preferably borrowed from a spectator, is all that is required.

A little practice is all that is needed and the awareness that someone standing behind the magician can see the secret.

Performing the Trick

The Jumping Elastic Band is as visually stunning as it is simple. This is one of those pub tricks that anyone can learn, which also means that if anyone sees what the magician does as he closes his fist, the game is up.

How it Works

  1. The elastic band jumps because it is wrapped around all four fingers, but the audience cannot see this. The band is wrapped around the lower part of the first two fingers, closest to the knuckles of the hand. As the fingers are closed the elastic band is stretched to accommodate the upper part of all four fingers, closest to the nails.

  2. When the fingers are straightened, the band automatically flips over and rings around the second group of fingers. If the magician had only put the band around both sides of the first group then when the fingers straightened the band would have popped right off. It tries to pop off, but because the second two fingers are in it as well it instead settles around them.

Performing the Trick

  1. Explain to your audience that you have a way to demonstrate how easily the eyes are fooled. This trick works best with an audience of one or two, making it a great quickie done in an office setting or a pub.

  2. Borrow an elastic band if you can, or produce one of your own. Make sure the spectator gets a chance to try it out, to make sure it is nothing more than what it seems.

  3. magian puts elastic band over fingersHold up your right hand and take the elastic band with the left. Place the band over your first two fingers, all the way down to the knuckles. Pull on the band once or twice and say something witty. “Stretchy, isn’t it?”
  4. 20px break
  5. magician makes a fistAfter a last pull, as the band is out, make a fist.
  6. 20px break
  7. Elastic band is wrapped around magician's fingersAllow the band to close on all four fingers.
  8. 20px break
  9. audience view of elastic band around two fingersExplain that while it appears that you have ringed your first two fingers with the band, this is not actually the case…
  10. 20px break
  11. Elastic band has jumped to other fingersOpen your hand, and the band will jump magically from the first two fingers to the last two. It happens so fast there is no way the spectator will catch how the trick is done.
20px break

Magical Tip

Have another elastic band trick ready to go back to back with this one, and the Jumping Elastic Band will be more effective, establishing that something magical is going on.

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